Everything You Want To Know About Digital Cameras…

For today’s consumer, the number of digital cameras on the market, along with their long lists of technical features, can make camera shopping an overwhelming experience. Digitalcameraratings.net is designed to take the headache out of camera shopping and make it easier for beginner, amateur and professional photographers to find the right digital camera(s). The digital camera ratings and reviews you’ll find on this site are based on a combination of research and opinion from camera experts.

Deciding which type of digital camera to purchase will depend upon your photography needs. Below are some helpful tips on choosing the right category:

Point & Shoot Cameras

Advantages: small, light, simplicity, built-in flash, price, depth of sharpness

Disadvantages: fixed lens, less control, slower speed, small sensor

Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Advantages: small, light, built-in flash, interchangeable lens, picture quality

Disadvantages: slower ISO, limited lens, small sensor

Ultra Zoom Lens Cameras

Advantages: often 10-12xX Optical Zoom, smaller, built-in flash, price

Disadvantages: often-blurred pictures beyond 6X opt. zoom, small sensor

DSLR Cameras

Advantages: picture quality, larger sensor, variety of lenses, durability, fast ISO, manual capabilities, many accessories

Disadvantages: heavier, price, more complex features

Your Photography Level:

Beginner:  An individual who would like to start taking pictures while learning the basic features of the camera.

Amateur: An individual who practices photography as a hobby, perhaps earning some income from their photos. Looking to advance technical knowledge and artistic skill.

Professional: A career photographer who earns a full-time living from their work. They seek a camera(s) featuring cutting edge technology to keep them at the top in their field.

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